If these instructions are not followed correctly, NVY will not be held responsible for the tarnishing and damage of your swimwear pieces .

Please note that our swimwear pieces are delicate, made with rhinestones, appliqué metal hardware and many of our peices are not recommended for harsh swimming . They are designed and made for mild water use when in chlorine and saltwater.

After swimming in salt or chlorine water you must rinse your swimwear with fresh water immediately . Leaving chlorine or salt water on your swimwear may result in the tarnishing of rhinestones and/or metal hardware. Also please avoid using oils and tanning creams on areas around and on rhinestone / metal hardware as they can also tarnish the rhinestone and metal hardware.

As most of our pieces are made with metal hardware and rhinestones , if these items are in the sun for a long period of time they may heat up so please be careful with very long sun exposure wearing the swimwear to avoid any risks of burning skin or damaging swimwear.

Sometimes customised coloured dyes may bleed when wet so please avoid wearing light coloured cover ups and clothing over wet garments to avoid staining.

We recommend wrapping your swimwear pieces with protective wrapping when not wearing them to keep them in great condition. Use provided package bag to store swimwear in. (Do not pack your Nvy Bikini Wet as it may cause rusting to hardware)

How To Wash Your Swimwear Pieces?

It is important that you hand wash your swimwear pieces with cold water and minimal soap or use swimwear detergents. Please do not hang dry your swimwear, lay your pieces flat to dry in a shaded area not in direct sunlight, this will avoid fabric stretching due to rhinestone and hardware weight and colour transferring. Do not tumble-dry, iron or machine wash .